I spent most of my childhood trying to figure out “who I was”. I wouldn’t say I was different, but I knew that I always wanted to be unique. I didn't want to take the path well traveled so I did athletic training instead of playing sports, the oboe was my band instrument of choice and I wrote exceptionally long stories (this was pre-computer popularity so I literally hand wrote 75 pages).  

 I never wanted to do anything just for the sake of doing it, but always wanted to understand why (so much so that my parents bought me "The BIG Book of Tell Me Why" as a Christmas present).  

Somewhere along the way I became a little confused and fell down the rabbit hole. I lost my way. Ten years later I found myself with a chronic injury, in a relationship that wasn't right for me and no idea who I was anymore. But I never stopped asking why.

I went on my own personal treasure hunt to find the right path to improve my physical pain and took the leap of leaving the secure, but wrong relationship, without sacrificing another authentic part of my being by opting for a safe, unfulfilling career. I truly believe that I, and everyone else, deserves to live a life of their deepest desires. To the person who says we can't have it all... Why?


I use my knowledge and experience to educate, inspire and empower those people that want to ask why; to help them successfully navigate those uncharted waters and provide security so that they know they're never alone. 

I believe that:

There are no mistakes in life, only learning. 

Every day can be a joy to wake up to

Life should feel full of color

To be truly kind, gentle and happy with others, we must treat ourselves that way first. 

We deserve the life of our dreams.